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Spike's out hunting, and is invited into the home of Helen, an unwary girl with a secret that torments her.
Spike unwittingly makes an April Fool of Angel - but it all turns out okay in the end for the vamps with souls! Sweet, short, silly - and that's about it!
AU. Buffy never came back from the dead. Dawn's now 18, and still having problems dealing with the past. Spike helps.
AU. What migbht have happened if Faith hadn't gone bad?
Note: at some point I might add sequels to this fic, but it IS a stand-alone.
Set in a fictional season 7. Xander misses Anya, and Spike comforts him. It gets a little out of hand.
Set in season 4, during 'Hush', but goes AU after that... a little. But 'moist and delicious' and 'nummy treat' were just BEGGING for this ;). Hope you like!
Season 6, after Willow and Tara have broken up. Willow gets itchy fingers, and a certain vampire helps sort them out.
Season 5, mising scene. After Spike proves that Tara's human, she feels the need to thank him for it, and he gives her a birthday present. Not a romance, just a friendship.
A few missing scenes exploring Spike's friendship with Joyce. Absolutely NOT a romance. Set in season 5.
AU ish, set in season 6
Post season 5, missing scene. How Spike and Dawn cope with losing Buffy.

If you like your Spike with someone other than Buffy, or you want something a bit different to Spuffiness and Spike (GOD FORBID!!), then you'll like this page, I suspect!